Health Sharing for businesses with less than 50 employees

If you do not offer any health benefits, now may be your chance because these plans are far less expensive than typical health insurance. If you do have a group plan, we can send you to a specialized licensed expert, who can create a ‘hybrid’ program that saves you a serious amount of money.

What is “Health Sharing” and why is it different than health insurance?

With Health Sharing there are no “networks” and state lines don’t matter. See any doctor you choose in any state or visit any hospital. This can be very helpful in the event of a critical emergency where the nearest hospital may not be in the health insurance network. Also, health insurance companies are required to accept pre-existing medical conditions, while health sharing is not. Most companies have some employees with illnesses such as diabetes or asthma, etc.. They will not be left out. Simply, they will have normal insurance while the healthy employees will have the cheaper option of Health Sharing plans. On average, which is the net cost to the employer, you will save money this way. How much will be saved? Each group has to be calculated but savings of 20-30% overall is not uncommon—for comparable health benefits.

If you now offer no health benefits at all, you can offer the employees a small bonus which you can advertise as “health benefits” in order to attract (and retain) more and better employees.

What does Health Sharing pay for?

Sharing includes:

  • medical services for preventative,
  • maternity,
  • accident,
  • illness, and
  • injuries.
  • Free Telemedicine. – Access a licensed doctor from the comfort of your home 24/7…with no consulting fees.

The company is called Impact and they are a non-profit co-op. If there is any profit in the company at the end of each year, the extra money is sent back to the members. (So really, the net costs might even be lower than the price quote indicates).

I am not really even a ‘sales agent’ for Impact. I am more of a ‘routing agent’ to get you on the right track and then send you to speak with the appropriate experts. Our program is very simple but most people are used to very complicated. So it takes a little time to explain the simplicity. Some people sign up in 5-minutes. Others have a few pages of questions. Either way, we are here to help.

The first step is to please contact us by email at or on our Facebook Page at

As soon as you feel comfortable, we will arrange for you to speak with an expert at Impact, with our corresponding health insurance agent or possibly both, depending on your circumstances. These will not be high pressure sales agents. No one will rush or pressure you. We just want to inform you and answer your questions with expert advice. We are not asking you to trust us. We are only asking you to hear us out. For some people health sharing will not be any advantage. For most people it will be a great advantage and offer far better value than health insurance – with equivalent limits and coverages.

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We have two very informative videos, the first is around 3-minutes and is linked here:

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