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Save between 20% – 70% off your existing monthly healthcare expenses

This page will familiarize you with “Health Sharing” as an alternative to health insurance.

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Health Sharing for Individuals

Please click the image above if you are an individual & families interested in finding out more about Health Sharing.

Health Sharing for Small Companies

Please click the image above if you have a company with less than 50 employees (even if you don’t have group health insurance).

Health Sharing for Larger Companies

Please click the image above if you have a company with more than 50 employees

For people above 65 years, please email ( cs@megarev.com ), call, or text (516-340-0062) for a special senior’s benefit plan.

About Us

This page is operated by Quantum Vector Int. Our headquarters is in Sheridan, Wyoming but we can offer health sharing programs all over the USA, except New Jersey, Washington State and Rhode Island .

To contact us, please email: cs@megarev.com or visit our Facebook page & send us a message: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100084820663232

Our job is to provide basic information and connect you with our team of experts for further assistance.

We are not licensed health insurance agents but if your situation requires health insurance, we will connect you to a team of licensed experts.

We can give you prices for health sharing plans with only knowing your age.